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Duration: 2 hour
Check-in: 15 min prior to departure

Visit the most picturesque neighbourhood in town on your own

This tour will take you through the lovely and lively area called the Jordaan. Nowadays it is well known for its diversity of little bars, brown café’s, shops and restaurants. The Jordaan was founded in the 17th century as an area for the working class and small industry. In the 17th century Amsterdam became a very prosperous city, due to the trade in the East- and West Indies.

For the rich merchants the canal belt was dug (Gentlemen, Emperor and Princes Canal) and likewise, there was a need for the tradional crafts like smithers, bakers, butchers etc. For those people the Jordaan was dug. The houses in the Jordaan were not as big as the houses along the main canals.

The sanitary conditions were bad, with big and very poor families. However, the Jordaan became known, because everybody took care of each other, its lifelyness and its character.

We will supply you with a map and the route you have to follow and of course also the historical information about the things you will see along the way.
Included in the tour are stops at 2 typical brown café’s, whereyou can get a jenever (dutch gin), beer, soft drink, coffee or tea with the adjoined voucher.

Aim of this tour is to give you an opportunity to see a part of the city on your own and whenever you want to, during your stay in Amsterdam. You will get the chance to see a very nice part of the city with a lot of nice monuments and cosy bars. The information given will make the picture complete.

The tour will approximately take you 2 hours (considering a slow walking pace), excluding your stay at the 2 brown cafe’s


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