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Duration: 4 hour
Check-in: 15 min prior to departure

This tour guides you through the most picturesque neighbourhood of Amsterdam.  Located just outside the Canal-area, it was a working class district, built in the 17th century, where much small industry was located.

The houses were generally much more modest in size than the rich Canal houses. Today it is one of the more fashionable districts with lots of boutiques, bars and art-galleries.

During the tour you will visit a typical “brown” café  and we offer you a drink there.

The highlight of this trip is the visit to the studio of a promising Dutch artist, where you can see the paintings of different artists.

Duration: 4 hours.

Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday at 14.00 hours.

Including: map, tour guide and consumption.  

Price: 37 Euros.

All prices are subject to change, mentioned prices are based on a minimum number of 9 participants. Depending on the number of participants the rate can be adjusted.

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