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Rijksmuseum                                                       Daily :                                    9-17

Museumstraat 1                                                  Prices: Adult                        € 17,50 p.p.

Amsterdam                                                          Children until 18 years      Free

Busiest time in museum between 10 and 15 o’clock


Van Gogh museum                                             Daily :                                    9-18      

Paulus Potter straat 7                                        Friday:                                    9-22                     

Amsterdam                                                          Prices: Adult                        €17,-- p.p.                            

Children until 16 years Free

Busiest time in museum between 11 and 15 o’clock


Museum of modern art                                     Daily :                                    10-18

Museum plein 10                                               Thursday:                              10-22

Amsterdam                                                          Prices: Adult                        €20,-- p.p.

                                                                              Children until 18 years      Free


Concert Hall                                                        Ticket sale Mo-Fri:              13-19

Concertgebouwplein 10                                   Ticket sale Sa&Su:               10-19

Amsterdam                                                          Prices depending on concert and seat.



V.I.P. entrance to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, Museum of Modern art and a concert of your choice in the Concert hall (including our famous Royal Orchestra). Before the concert and during the break a drink is waiting for you.

This V.I.P. ticket is for sale in the Concert Hall and the 5* Hotels.

Prices: €90 p.p.

Anne Frank House                                             Daily :                                    10-19

Prinsengracht 263-267                                     Jul-Aug :                                9-22

Amsterdam                                                          27 April Closed.

                                                                              Prices: Adult                        €9,--

                                                                              Children until 16 €4,50

Avoid waiting in a long line, buy your tickets online


Madame Tussauds                                              Daily :                                    10-19

Dam 20                                                                 4 July till 30 August             9-21

Amsterdam                                                          Closed 27 April.

                                                                              Prices: Adult                        €22,50

                                                                              Children                                €18,50

If you want to save money, buy your tickets online and use the fast-lane

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